Signage for the times

Signage for the times

In 2010 Virgin Money acquired the high street branches from Northern Rock and needed to re-brand 74 by a given date.

This re-brand consisted of external fascia signage including project signs, along with a full range of internal signage.

Escott Signs had been Northern Rock's nominated sign provider for over 24 years and such were asked to tender along with others for this work for Virgin Money.

We a are pleased to say that we were awarded a large part of the internal signage, along with 37 branches for  external signage, the other half going to a previous Virgin Money sign company.

Escott Signs submitted visuals for each branch and once approved progressed into manufacture.

Having agreed an installation programme with the client, who were looking at a maximum 6 week start to finish, we then proceeded to attend each branch, remove and make good where appropriate, then install the New Virgin Money corporate signage, all successfully completed.

Since then we continue to be a nominated signage provider for Virgin Money.

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A six week programme from start to finish... internal and external signage for 37 branches throughout the UK...